The “safe, surgical procedure” claimed by Morgentaler and his associates in actual fact has a 100 per cent fatality rate as abortion involves two patients – one of whom has no chance of survival.


However, after 15 years of virtual abortion on request in this country, it is not surprising that the carefully chosen jurors, after listening to a parade of witnesses describe the rubber-stamping by so called “therapeutic” abortion committees concluded that Morgentaler is no more guilty than the doctors who perform abortions in our tax-funded hospitals.


The issue at the trial was not whether the unborn child’s life should be protected.  The case began with the assumption that the killing of the unborn was legal and the major portion of the trial centred around the issue of where the killing could be done most efficiently.


In 1969 the Liberal government gave us a bad law – a double standard which still states it is a crime to procure a miscarriage – yet offers a legal way out for those who choose to follow this course of action.  The idea that abortion is a woman’s right has been encouraged by government policies that have refused to prosecute the blatant and obvious abuses of the law.  Fortunately, we have a new government which is not responsible for this bad law and it must face the issue immediately and take necessary action to restore legal protection to the unborn child.


If legally possible, we of the Pro-Life Society of B.C. would recommend that the Borowski appeal be put directly to the Supreme Court.  We would contend that the new Charter of Rights recognizes that everyone has the right to life including the unborn.  The bad law initiated by the 1969 changes in the Criminal Code is struck down by the Charter.


How ironic that Henry Morgentaler, who claims he was once an “unwanted” human being in Auschwitz, describes his survival in a recent journal as a “celebration of life.”  There will be no “celebration of life” for the 18,000 lives already cut down by Morgentaler – the one man death camp – nor for the hundreds of thousands of unborn victims waiting in the wings.


It is incongruous that in a nation which so desperately displays a desire for peace, we cannot find it in our hearts to stop the war on the unborn.  All those who truly want peace must join with us in pleading for a truce, for mercy for the most tiny defenceless and innocent of our brothers and sisters: the unborn children of our nation.


Arla J. Rendle is President, B.C. Pro-Life Society.