B.C. court to clarify the meaning of “health” in Criminal Code

Two former board members of the Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, George Carruthers and Michael S. Whelton, have launched a legal action in the Supreme Court of British Columbia against that hospital, claiming that abortions are being performed there for non-medical reasons, contrary to the Criminal Code. By launching this action, the two former board members are attempting to have the court define the word “health” as it appears in the abortion section of the Criminal Code.

They allege that the Therapeutic Abortion Committee in the Hospital is interpreting the law far too broadly and authorizing almost all abortion applications. They are asking the court to direct the hospital to instruct present and future committee members not to issue abortion certificates unless the mother’s health would actually be endangered or is at risk by continuing the pregnancy.

In their Statement of Claim before the Court, they state “there is much confusion and difference of opinion … with the result that the interpretation of Canada’s abortion law … may vary substantially from hospital to hospital….”

It is expected that this case will be heard before the Supreme Court of British Columbia this spring. The decision of this Court will affect all hospitals performing abortions across Canada, and, therefore, the outcome of this case is of exceptional importance to the pro-life cause.