Calgary City council is using taxpayers’ money to fund an abortion-referral agency, says Michael Malley, co-ordinator of Calgary Coalition for Life. He charged that the city “is simply paying the salaries of pro-abortionists to spread their views.”


The Calgary Birth Control Association will soon receive $156, 055 in city funding if council agrees to the recommendations made by their social services department. Calgary Coalition for Life appeared before Council’s community services committee on February 25 to support an application for a grant of $27 000 for Teen Aid, an organization which teaches teenagers to understand their sexuality without resorting to promiscuity.


The social services department is recommending that no funding be given to Teen Aid. Malley suggested that, rather than “promoting one set of values,” the city should either give equal funding to pro-life groups, or not fund the Birth Control Association.


Birth Control Administrator Cheryl Lipscomb told the Calgary Herald (February 26) that, of the 1,468 clients seen by the office, well over 80 per cent were referred for abortions. “We’re obviously filling a community need,” she said. “We needn’t rationalize any further.”