On February 25, Larry Heather, the Calgary man who sprayed Morgentaler with ketchup in January, was fined $750 and was told by Alberta provincial court judge Hubert Oliver that he acted like a “ruffian”.


Mr. Heather had pleaded guilty to two charges of assault: he had sprayed Morgentaler and an airport security guard with ketchup. He said that the attack on the security guard was unintentional, but that he did not regret his action against Morgentaler.


Judge Oliver said that the fines were higher than he would normally impose but noted that such actions were becoming “all too prevalent and the rights of individuals are being eroded by those who increasingly resort to violence in furtherance of their own interests.”


Mr. Heather explained that his was “a symbolic act representing that blood spilled by Morgentaler by abortion and that final judgment that eventually will be wrought on all abortionists.