Kim Campbell has once again confirmed her standing as the reddest of Brain Mulroney’s “Red Tories”.

As expected, on November 1, Canada’s Justice Minister promised that the Federal Government will not appeal two controversial pro-homosexual decisions made by the Ontario Court of Appeal. The first ruled that the Ontario government must pay survivor benefits to long-term partners of homosexual public servants. In doing so the ruling also added its version of gay-rights legislation. The second ruled that homosexuals must be allowed to serve in the Canadian military.

Both cases reveal the Canadian courts’ overt acceptance of and support for the homosexual lifestyle. Campbell’s failure to appeal these decisions exposes her as a friend of the courts and as an adherent to and champion of the gay-rights lobby. Not only is Campbell refusing to appeal these cases, but she has promised to apply their result right across the country. She is one politician who is not afraid of showing her true colours – red and pink.

A dyed-in-the-wool feminist whose support for homosexuals comes only second to her commitment to abortion, Campbell is a very powerful and dangerous adversary of the traditional family.

Early in her political career she broke with the B.C. Social Credit Party because of the then leader Bill Vander Zalm’s stance against the use of state funds to pay for abortion. During the debate over Bill C-43, the government’s last attempt at passing an abortion bill, Campbell used her position as Justice Minister to promise Canadians that not one abortionist would be prosecuted under the new legislation. Several times during her ministry she has unsuccessfully tried to push through gay-rights legislation. Kim Campbell has always actively pursued pro-homosexual, feminist and pro-abortion legislation. She now carries a good deal of clout within the Tory party and many view her as a potential leader of it. No matter what the future holds for her, her ideology is firm and her decisions are not being challenged by anyone on Mulroney’s government. And this has many pro-lifers seeing red.