It probably is unseemly for pro-lifers to tell Canada, “we told you so,” but we did. After years of lies and misrepresentations from the abortion lobby and their willing accomplices – pro-abortion politicians, many in the media, some academics – the truth is finally out: abortions are committed for convenience’s sake, not because they are medically necessary.

On Oct. 31, the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League admitted that abortions is a “socio-economic,” rather than medically necessary, procedure. In its submission to the House of Commons finance committee, CARAL executive director Marilyn Wilson said that women who seek abortions, “do so for socio-economic reasons. Sometimes it is a desire to complete their education and become financially independent. In many cases, couples with children wish to restrict their family size in order to provide adequate financial support. Often, choosing abortion is a conscious decision not to become a socio-economic burden on society.”

Put in the most blunt terms, more than 115,000 unborn babies are killed by abortion each and every year for the sake of convenience.

As Canadian Alliance MP Jason Kenney, a finance committee member, said, “This admission is significant from an organization that has always claimed that abortion is a ‘medically necessary service’. CARAL has now blown the cover off its argument that provinces must finance a procedure which is not done for medical reasons.”

Kenney asked Wilson how a procedure done for “socio-economic” reasons could be medically necessary, to which the head of CARAL replied that if the provinces determine it to be necessary, then it is. Upon such doublespeak depends the forced funding of abortion by taxpayer dollars.

In January, the Liberal government, led by Health Minister Allan Rock, demanded that provinces fund all abortions, even in private abortuaries, claiming that abortion is “medically necessary.”

But by CARAL’s admission, neither the abortion lobby nor federal Health Minister Allan Rock have a leg to stand on in their claim that provinces must fund abortion at both public and private facilities because the Canada Health Act requires full funding for necessary medical treatment.

CARAL’s submission to the finance committee echoed the admission by Health Canada earlier this year, that there is no evidence to point to the medical necessity of abortion.

Earlier this year, Gary Breitkreuz (CA, Yorkton-Melville), received from Health Canada a response to his Access to Information request asking for “documents, reports and correspondence in the department that provide evidence that abortions are ‘medically necessary.'” Health Canada confirmed what pro-lifers have long known: there is no evidence to support the claim of the federal government, for instance, that the Canada Health Act requires provinces to pay for abortion because it was a medically necessary procedure. Specifically, the official reply to the information request said, “I regret to inform you that after a thorough search of all likely record holdings, departmental officials have confirmed that they have no records relevant to your request.”

It has been 10 years since the last admission by pro-abortionists that abortion is done for reasons of social convenience. In 1991, when Henry Morgentaler was seeking permission to open an Ottawa abortuary, he said “many women” get an abortion because they “get pregnant at a time when it is completely inappropriate. They’re either too young or too old, or they have enough children or they’re not married or they’re divorced or separated. Under these conditions, a woman should have the right to terminate a pregnancy.”