On April 8, Campaign Life and Liberal for Life organized a joint picket at the nomination meeting for the Liberal Candidate in the Oakwood Constituency (Toronto). Chaviva Hosek had been parachuted into the riding as a nominee by the party hierarchy. She is a well-known advocate of abortion on demand and a past president of the pro-abortion National Action Committee on the Status of Women (NAC).

About 45 pro-lifers witnessed to the sanctity of life and distributed pamphlets asking those eligible to vote to defeat Hosek. The head of Liberals for Life, Cy Fleming, was interviewed by the media. However, although there was full media coverage and the pro-lifers were very evident, the media decided to ignore any mention of the pro-life presence. Hosek won the nomination, but the vote was split and there is a lot of anger in the constituency organization because of the method used by Premier Peterson to foist his candidate on Oakwood.

The Liberal Party exposed their pro-abortion bias by actively recruiting Hosek and by the display of joy expressed when they signed her up. The pro-life bankruptcy of the other Ontario parties (NDP and Conservative) was displayed when both lamented that they had not been successful in winning Hosek to their party. The main Hosek lesson is that all the established parties have been tuned by the radical feminist fifth columns that have been set up within their organizations and none of them stand for life, family or decency.

There was one particularly sad sight on the evening of the protest. A ‘Chaviva’ supporter came out to tell the picketers that he has a ‘good’ Catholic, could not understand why they were there picketing, and that he would pray for them in Church. He would not listen to reason: that Catholic (or any Christian) cannot support people who advocate killing on demand.