In a June 26 “open letter” the Toronto-based Catholic New Times, a :progressive,” feminist bimonthly newspaper, appealed to its supporters to “take up the profound moral challenge which confronts us” and resist abortion.

The paper’s editorial committee admitted that it had misjudged the strength and influence of the pro-abortion forces in Canada.

“We have not spoken strongly enough or often enough.  We underestimated the political influence of the pro-choice lobby and overestimated the resources of the pro-life movement to carry the burden of this struggle,” it pleaded.

Despite a few snide asides aimed at the pro-life movement for its presumed “disparaging attitude towards women” and at the church for its alleged “patriarchal bias,” the editorial conceded that the “church’s stand on abortion is simply true.”

“In the name of God, do something: Go to the phone and call your Member of Parliament.  Walk a picket line.  Commit civil disobedience.  Wear a button.  Start or join an action group.  This is politics and pressure is now what counts.  Pressure the Members of Parliament.  May they not rest in peace,” it concluded.