President Bill Clinton has lived up to everyone’s expectations and nominated 60-year-old, pro-abortion judge, Ruth Bader Ginsburg to replace Byron White on the Supreme Court.

In her nomination speech, Ginsburg, who has worked on the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, spoke of the struggle of women to win appointment to the federal judiciary.

Ginsburg is best known for her legal work on behalf of the early women’s movement which included a stint with the American Civil Liberties Union women’s project.  Judy Lichtman, director of the Women’s Legal Defence Fund, called her “the major architect of constitutional issues for women.”

In nominating her, Clinton bypassed two higher publicized candidates in favour of his acceptably “moderate” choice.  Ginsburg is expected to easily succeed in her confirmation hearings as early reports show that she is acceptable to most conservative politicians not concerned with the abortion issue.

The appointment of Ginsburg reflects President Clinton’s policy of appointing pro-abortion judges.