What an unexpected but welcome development!  Near the very end of a dreadful five-year term, Parliament has finally passed a moral issue law with real substance.

The new child pornography law, Bill C-128, was not only quickly approved but also strengthened by significant last-minute amendments.  Parliament has demonstrated that it is serious about eliminating child pornography in Canada.

The so-called kiddie porn law makes it illegal to import, distribute, sell, produce or possess pornographic films, videos, magazines or computer-generated images involving people under 18.  Any violation of this law could carry a five year sentence.

The opposition to this just and common sense law is telling.  The CBC, the National Film Board, civil libertarians, artists, writers, filmmakers and even librarians condemned the Bill.  A campaign is building to have the law re-introduced for weakening amendments.

The contempt of these groups for natural morality and for the genuine welfare of Canadians seems to have no limits.  They have made it plain that their goal is to radically restructure our society, especially family life, with or without our permission, but using our tax money.

To their great credit, many MPs and Senators brushed off their hollow, exaggerated criticisms.  The welfare of the children came first.  The destructive free reign of the media, arts, and civil liberties’ dictatorship has finally been challenged on at least one issue.

We must tell our Members of Parliament to stand firm in supporting the new law and ensure its full enforcement.  They must not allow it to be watered down in any way.  If any changes at to be made they should only further strengthen the law.

We must also encourage them to continue to ignore these radical social engineers and misfits and put the genuine welfare of all Canadians first.

Bill C-128 is a lovely breath of fresh air.  We pray and hope that there will be far more to come in the years ahead.