Comac Publications, publishers of the infamous Homemaker’s magazine, otherwise known as “Homebreaker’s” magazine, also publishes eight times a year a magazine called Quest magazine, which is delivered at no charge to 710,000 homes in pre-selected areas in twenty-one of Canada’s largest cities.  The executive editor of Comac Publications is well known pro-abortionist, Jane Gale, editor of Homemaker’s and co-founder of the newly formed pro-abortion organization called “The Issue is Choice”. As you know, Ms. Gale, as editor of Homemaker’s has had her heels firmly nipped by the pro-life movement in her promotion of Morgentaler and abortion on demand.  Since she has been forced by the public’s adverse reaction to her pro-abortion articles in Homemaker’s to cease this promotion of him, she has apparently turned to Quest magazine to continue in her diligent promotion for death for the unborn.  The October 1983 issue contains an article devoted to Morgentaler written by free-lance journalist, Catherine Govier.  In this article, Morgentaler is quoted as follows:  “in twenty-eight years practicing in Quebec, there has never been a justified complaint about me before the College of Physicians.”  Obviously Morgentaler has “forgotten” that the Quebec College of Physicians and Surgeons on January 16, 1976, suspended his license for one year and recommended that he follow a course of further training.  The reason for the suspension of his license included an “attitude which is primarily directed to protecting his fees … almost complete lack of case history and preliminary tests before proceeding with the abortion … and failure to follow up his patients after having performed the operation.”

The article was also replete with other inaccuracies such as Morgentaler stating that he treats people with “compassion and dignity”.  That does not explain why he reused vacurettes (cost at that time $3.50 each) which had been used on previous abortions – the use of which may lead to transmission of diseases such as hepatitis, VD and herpes II – some compassion!

The article in Quest magazine, however, is clearly part of the expected media build-up to create support for Morgentaler when his trial begins on November 21st.

It is up to the pro-life movement to raise firm objections to those in the media pandering to the pro-abortionists and Morgentaler.  In a democratic society, we are entitled as a right, to have fair and objective reporting on all issues – especially highly controversial and emotional ones such as abortion.  This Quest has failed to do.

Comac Publications should know that its blanket acceptance of the executive editor, Ms. Gale’s, opinion on abortion is not acceptable to thinking Canadians.

Write to the president of Comac Communications Limited objecting to the totally biased, non-objective story on Morgentaler.

If this does not bring results our next and most effective steps will be to write to the advertisers of Quest. The reason we are not going to the advertisers right now is due to the fact that Quest has in the past, presented articles which on the whole, have been fairly balanced and objective. 

We would like to give Quest magazine the opportunity to return to their previously objective reporting.

The president of Comac Communications Limited is as follows:

Mr. Edward H. Gittings

c/o Comac Communications Ltd.

2300 Yonge Street

Toronto, Ontario