Joe Borowski, on his way to Australia for pro-life meetings, stopped into Vancouver on Friday August 3, long enough to stage a protest in front of Iona Campagnolo’s North Vancouver campaign headquarters.

The protest attracted 95 pro-lifers handing out leaflets to passers-by and to hear Mr. Borowski’s speech.

Iona Campagnolo had been scheduled to be at her office all afternoon, but when the demonstrators began to arrive she quickly got into a small red car and left.

Mr. Borowski in his address to the crowd, said the following;

You have a big job ahead of you to defeat Iona Campagnolo. Well, I can’t think of a better person who deserves to be defeated. It’s unfortunate that an intelligent,  attractive and well-spoken woman like Iona couldn’t  have been on our side. There are a lot of good women in this country who should be running in politics, but unfortunately they are not pro-life. It seems that just the worst people get into politics….After this election it is possible that we ill have the largest group of women in the history of Canada elected as members of Parliament. Sadly, not a single one of them is pro-life.

Abortion advocate

Iona Campagnolo is the President of the largest political organization in the history of this country and also the party that is in power and has been for the last 15 years. She is using that powerful office as President of the Liberal Party to promote her personal views. I want to tell you, without defending the Liberals that, no matter how bad they are, their position is not what Ms. Campagnolo’s is.

I an assure you that between Iona Campagnolo and the NDP who are the most militant of abortion advocates, you are going to see abortion clinics springing up all over the country.

The gravest situation- as I see it- is that we might find ourselves with a minority government come September 4. it could be either one, the Liberals or that P.C.’s, but it doesn’t matter because if the NDP is reduced to a group of say a dozen elected MP’s in the east, it would be sufficient to hold the balance of power. Their demands are going to be very very serious and far reaching if that happens.

Pro-lifers have grown

We as pro-lifers have grown from a little midget to a weight-lifting giant and the politicians recognize that. We have much more clout that ever before. The pro-life movement in Saskatchewan, for example, threw their weight behind the Conservative party and to the shock and amazement of everybody, succeeded in getting them elected. So, the pro-life movement does have power.

The best evidence of our power is the example of Bill C.169 which said when it was passed last Fall, that you folks could not have stood there with signs, could not have put ads in the papers; it told us that, if you were not a member of a political party you had no right to speak out in an election. The reason for the bill was that the pro-life movement was getting too powerful. We know that the way to topple a government is by voting. We don’t use guns, as they do in some countries, or assassination or hijacking- we do it by peaceful demonstrations like this one- by knocking door to door and by voting for pro-life candidates.

So, if I have a message for you people it’s this: you are strong! You have more power than you realize! You may still not have the money you need because many pro-lifers are cheapskates but the fact is you have the bodies! You have the voice and you have the willingness to go out there and work zealously…