There is no issue in this or any other election which is more important than that of the protection of all human life. Any candidate, of whatever party, who is not ready to defend the ‘personhood’ and the right to life of any one, of any age (from conception to natural death) of any race, of any condition, is much too dangerous a person to be in Parliament.

A candidate who holds the lives of the handicapped to be so cheap and so unimportant that he will not work to stop the ‘search and destroy’ killing of less-than-perfect per-born babies is not to be trusted with protection of any human life.

Abortion came first; infanticide followed; euthanasia is next in line.

It is for this reason that although I am a lifelong Conservative, from a family with a Tory tradition that goes back over 300 years, there are P.C. candidates who are pro-abortionists (e.g. Flora MacDonald and Pat Nowlan) whom I could never support. The price of blind Party loyalty is likely to be the hideously painful deaths of thousands of unborn babies, and that is a price I could never pay.

Given the choice of a pro-abortion. P.C. candidate and a strong pro-life Liberal I would have alternative but to cross a party lines and vote Liberal. I trust that, in the opposite case, Liberals would cross over to have the unborn.

Surly, in the absence of any major party candidate worthy of support, all Liberal, N.D.P.  and P.C. pro-lifers would support the cause of the unborn by working for an Independent pro-life candidate.

Naturally, as Chairman of Tories For Life I am hoping and working for a P.C. government but I party that it will be a government which will cherish, conserve and protect pro-life, pro-family values. The P.C. caucus already contains many strong pro-life support-them all here) and there are many others who are hoping to gain seats in this election.

The lives of at least a quarter of a million babies are at issue in this election. Their fate depends on our vote.