Hillary White
Special to The Interim

Doctors at Hope Hospital in Salford, England are saying that a child, now two years old, is one of the most premature children to survive a late-term abortion attempt.

“Doctors tried three or four different abortive drugs,” said Dr. Paul Clarke. “It has defeated all the odds.” Clarke was one of the doctors treating the unnamed boy during his stay in the neo-natal intensive care unit of Hope Hospital. He has co-authored a report on the case in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The child’s mother was 22 weeks pregnant and already had one child. She went to the British Pregnancy Advisory Service’s abortion facility in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, where she was given abortifacients. After taking the drugs, she felt the child move and changed her mind.

He said, “This mother went through extreme hardship waiting to see if her baby was going to make it. She was told to expect him to die so many times. I am full of admiration for her.”

The abortionists sent the mother home after administering the drugs. When she went into labour, she was admitted to hospital, where she asked doctors to do everything they could to save the child. Four days later, the baby was born at 24 weeks’ gestation, weighing 1.5 pounds and breathing. The baby needed ventilation for 53 days and suffered life-threatening blood infections and chronic lung disease. Clarke wrote, “The dilemma of being telephoned about an infant born showing signs of life following termination of pregnancy is one that many pediatricians have faced. If viable, and resuscitated, those infants who survive may suffer significant illness.”

Dr. Mike Robinson, co-author of the report and lead clinician at the intensive care unit, said the case raised “serious ethical issues” about late-term abortions.

He wrote, “Fetuses don’t have rights in law, but once born, you have to look at the child in terms of what is in their best interest. In this case, the mother wanted the child. But when a woman goes to have a termination, she should be aware that, while the pregnancy will end, the life of the baby may not.”

The report said that private clinics did not have the staff or equipment to resuscitate aborted babies who survive and “may be more inclined to overlook signs of life.”

Reprinted with permission from LifeSiteNews.com (Feb. 14).