Nothing was spared in CLC Alberta’s campaign to keep Henry Morgentaler out of its province. 

CLC leaders met with Health Minister Nancy Betkowski in an attempt to secure changes

To the Health Act.  However, the Minister’s position that abortion is a legitimate medical procedure which must be funded remains firm. 

The College of Physicians and Surgeons, which was picketed and presented with a 10,000 signature petition opposing the Morgentaler abortuary, granted CLC president Lorraine Stark an interview during which she outlined concerns regarding the abortionist’s record in other provinces including Quebec, where it was recommended that he undertake further training.   

All board members of the College were presented with a copy of  The Abortion Providers video together with the CLC Abortion Briefing Booklet and an evaluation form was also sent to every Alberta MLA.

An appeal lodged by veteran activist Michael O’Malley and Lianne Laurence against a decision to grant a building permit to renovate Morgentaler’s premises at 10141 – 150 Street, was dismissed by the Alberta Court of Appeal.

As a back drop to these activities, long-time pro-lifer Gerard Liston faithfully organized daily picketlines outside the abortuary, often peacefully frustrating workmen’s efforts to complete renovations. 

It has often been said that success lies not in the outcome but in the efforts.  Pro-lifers in Alberta were resoundingly successful.