Rescue America is going on the offensive with “multiple lawsuits” in the wake of news stories implicating the Houston-based group with the shooting of abortionist David Gunn.

“During the recent media feast over Gunn’s death, our organization endured a lot of slander and distortion,” said Don Treshman, national director of Rescue America.

He said the group will be launching a series of “aggressive lawsuits” over what he said is “defamation of character.” Planned Parenthood and the NBC Television Network are two groups who could be hit, he added.

A lone gunman shot Gunn four times in the chest in front of an abortuary in Pensacola, Florida, March 10. Mike Griffin gave himself up to authorities at the scene. Griffin had a personal history of violence and was not a member of Rescue America. He confronted Gunn minutes before the shooting telling him, “Don’t kill anymore babies.”

The shooting occurred outside the abortuary and about 20 people witnessed the incident.

The abortionist leave behind him two children and the assailant is also the father of two.

NBC news quoted Gunn’s girlfriend who said Rescue America was behind the killing.

“We are also going to hit Planned Parenthood hard for defamation, and their exploitation of the tragic death of abortionist Gunn, which they tried to use to manipulate the public into accepting their political agenda,” Treshman added.

Campaign Life Coalition sent out a statement saying it “deplores and condemns unequivocally” the shooting death of Gunn. In spite of this about 75 pro-abortion radicals held a “memorial” outside the CLC national office in Toronto. Protests were also held in Vancouver against Action Life in Ottawa.

The shooting has provided an excuse by the media and pro-abortion groups to call for a public injunction to stop picketing.

The Toronto Star said without an injunction staff at abortuaries could be “vulnerable to the criminal acts of anti-abortion zealots.”

The Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL) held a press conference March 22 to call for a “multi-site public injunction.”

“The cold-blooded murder of Dr. Gunn has not made Ontario’s anti-choice harassment hide their heads in shame,” CARAL stated.

Rhonda Wood, Campaign Life Coalition Ontario Coordinator, said legal and peaceful protests have “resulted in many lives being saved and many mothers avoiding the personal devastation of abortion.”

“Abortion rights advocates are responding to the success of pro-life protests with extreme and highly manipulative tactics, calling for draconian province-wide injunction to quash the democratic rights of peaceful protest,” she said in a statement.