In an October 13, 1992 reply to an enquiry by Oakville south MPP Gary Carr (PC), Health Minister Frances Lankin re-affirmed the NDP’s position on abortion clinics.

Lankin re-iterated that the government is committed to ensuring that women have access to abortion “without fear of violence.” In other words, she accepts the lie that it is not the pro-abortionists but the pro-lifers who are violent.

She also refuses to acknowledge the media’s deliberate distortions when reporters wait for pro-abortionists to starts a confrontation where they do the screaming and the bellowing. This leaves viewers or readers with the idea that the pro-lifers are the violent ones.

Furthermore, she refuses to know that it would be useless for sidewalk counsellors to threaten women; they want to reason with them, not harass them.

In general, then, the Rae government takes the view as they do in the case of opposing homosexual activity – that the very act of objecting to the killing of unborn babies is an act of violence.

Secondly, Lankin informed Mr. Carr that the Morgentaler clinic will open, and that she will provide funds to assist it to do so. Ontario taxpayers should be delighted.

At a time when all government departments are being forced to cut down their expenditures, at time when health services are being reduced by her own department, the Minister of Health is willing to spare no expense to provide facilities for a wealthy abortionist to kill unborn babies for the most trivial reasons, or no reason at all.

The rest of the letter contains the usual fallacies. Mrs. Lankin writes, “Abortion is a controversial issue. However, it remains a legal health service in Ontario.”

Cosmetic surgery is legal too, but except in the case of an accident it is not ordinarily paid for by OHIP. At this moment her own Ministry is moving towards eliminating from OHIP all voluntary surgery or treatments such as circumcision, sterilization and psychiatric services.

As we know, Canadians started paying for abortions under the pretence that abortion was a “therapeutic” procedure. But as abortion kills the child and does not cure any known ailments or symptoms of the patient, it was a fraudulent description. One of the ironic consequences of the Morgentaler decision of January 1988 is that even that excuse was stripped away. No justification is now needed for abortion; it is a medical procedure but there is no suggestion that it is done or must be done for reasons of health. Therefore there is no reason for OHIP to fund it.

The real motive for government promotion and funding of abortionists is the tragically mistaken ideology of feminism.

As Mrs. Lankin, states, “in order to have a truly fair and equal society, women must have the right to choose what is best for them.”

What can on say but reiterate time and time again that the unrestricted killing of unborn babies is wholly destructive in both women’s true interests and of a fair an equal society.