(A synopsis of who has said what on pro-life, pro-family issues in Parliament)

Abortion (debates):

During the final hour of debate on Mitges’ Motion, Paul Gagnon, John Nunziata and Vince Dantzer spoke in favor of the motion, while Doug Lewis, Pauline Jewett, Lise Bourgault and Jean-Guy Hudon spoke against it (for a summary of the vote on the motion see article elsewhere).

John Reimer introduced a Private Members’ Bill to amend the Criminal Code to restrict abortion to cases where the mother’s life would be truly endangered, and Ross Belsher spoke in favor of the bill; Lise Bourgault, Doug Lewis, Svend Robinson, and Jean-Guy Hudon spoke against the bill (as this was not a “votable item” it died after one hour sof debate).

Abortion (statements):

Walter Van de Walle voiced the concerns of his Alberta constituents on the abortion issue, quoted pertinent statistics from that province, and stated that abortion is the killing of an innocent human being: Rob Nicholson said that he thought all Members should state clearly where they stand on the abortion issue and urged MPs to vote on M-37; Alan Redway put the impact of abortion in the context of the number of classrooms that could be filled with children who have been aborted; John Oostrom’s May 14 statement noted the anniversary of the change in Canada’s abortion law and outlined the plans of the national pro-life movement to observe a Week for Life; Gordon Taylor urged Members of the House to give unborn babies a chance to live by passing M-37; Svend Robinson voiced the deep concern of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women that Mitges’ Motion “poses a profound threat to the women of Canada;” Margaret Mitchell complained about the “restriction of access to legal abortion” in British Columbia led by the Premier imposing his “personal moral views on women” and stated that the general public supports greater access to abortion.

Abortion (questions):

Margaret Mitchell questioned Hon. Monique Vezina (Minister Responsible for Statistics Canada) about the availability of abortion statistics, stating that the numbers were needed each year to aid research into adolescent pregnancy; Vezina answered that due to budget restrictions the comprehensive statistics will be published every three years, but will take into account “private clinics in Quebec.”