Gordon Fairweather, who anguished as a Conservative Member of Parliament for the federal riding of Fundy-Royal in New Brunswick for many years, was picked out of obscurity in 1977 by Prime Minister Trudeau and appointed Chief of Commissioner of Human Rights Commission of Canada. It may we be that his appointment was due more to the fact that the Liberal party felt the riding of Fundy-Royal was ripe for picking than to Fairweather’s competence for the position.

Fairweather’s incompetence for the position was made abundantly clear in January 1983 when, in a speech to the law students of New Brunswick, he spoke against the 33,000-name petition published in December by the New Brunswick Right to Life Association in an effort to put an end to therapeutic abortion at the Moncton Hospital. Mr. Fairweather said the pro-life campaign was divisive and was an effort by one group to impose its views on others. He also stated that he was concerned by the growing controversy of “single issue political action groups who urge voters to elect representatives according to their stand on a single issue such as abortion.” Voting on this, said Mr. Fairweather was a “mindless” and “singularly empty” way of judging-whether a person ought to be a Member of Parliament. Mr. Fairweather ought to know, as throughout his career as a Member of Parliament, he continuously primed the pro-abortion pump, “mindlessly” speaking out with “singularly empty” pro-abortion propaganda. Obviously Fairweather is not able to grasp the fundamental issue that abortion kills human beings-over one million in the past decade.

As Chief Commissioner for the Human Rights Commission, Fairweather should be dismissed since he is biased and discriminates against the most helpless member of our Canadian society, the unborn child. He also obviously opposes freedom of speech for those such as the New Brunswick Right to Life, who are trying to protect the rights of the unborn. As stated by the New Brunswick Right to Life in a press release dated January 28, 1983, “in our opinion, such injudicious remarks by a key pubic official charged with safeguarding the rights of Canadians certainly constitute sufficient ground for his dismissal…”