In its revised manifesto written in January by a select NDP executive committee, the party has included a strong pro-abortion position. Included in the eleven-page statement of NDP principles and objectives it is stated that “people should have the right of choice in reproductive matters.” This document will be presented at the party’s next convention scheduled for the Canada Day weekend in Regina to mark the 50th anniversary of the first convention of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) a forerunner of the NDP. The CCF was founded in the heart of the Depression years and its famous “Regina Manifesto” spoke out for the dignity of man and on behalf of the vulnerable and dispossessed. The NDP therefore by reaffirming its party’s policy for abortion-on-demand in its latest manifesto has cut itself off completely from its roots.

NDP leader, Ed Broadbent, admitted that advocating abortion-on-demand could rile many party members. Several MPs and members of provincial caucus-notably Saskatchewan’s – are strongly opposed to abortion.

The NDP already seems to be in the downward trend because of the Canadian populations’ apparent swing to the right. The NDP may we have dug its grave in its most recent manifesto.