January 23, 1985


Abortion Clinics


Mr. Bill Domm(Peterborough):  Mr. Speaker, it is my duty to present this petition from the undersigned constituents of the riding of Peterborough who humbly pray and call upon Parliament to work for immediate change in the present law so that abortion clinics are made available to everyone in need of their services.


January 29, 1985


Funding of pro-abortion film condemned


Mr. Bill Gottselig (Moose Jaw):  Mr. Speaker, I rise today to bring to the attention of this House the concerns expressed to me by many of my constituents as a result of the recent propaganda film on abortion entitled “Abortion: Stories North and South.”


The National Film Board provided funding for this film to pro-abortionist Gail Singer to present her one-sided view of this matter, which she had the audacity to call enlightening. 


The only way to describe the misuse of public funds by the National Film Board to promote the pro-abortion view is outrageous.  This abuse of public funds and trust cannot be tolerated.


I, as well as many other Canadians, believe that life begins at the moment of conception, and from this moment on the unborn are entitled to the same rights and privileges as we enjoy.


It is my opinion that we must stop using buzz words, such as “termination of pregnancy,” and recognize abortion for what it really is, the murder of an unborn child. 


February 4, 1985

R.E.A.L Women of Canada


Mr. Gordon Taylor (Bow River):  Mr. Speaker, now hear this!  Today I want to talk about women – REAL Women.  A growing organization in our country is the R.E.A.L. Women of Canada.  “R” stands for real; “E” for equal; “A” for active and “L” for life.  Put together, it spells R.E.A.L.  It is a splendid name.


These women believe that the traditional family is the basic unit of society, and that strong families mean a strong nation.  The organization has realistic and positive views on marriage; believing that marriage is a sacred contract based on love and commitment, which adds survival, enrichment, and strength to meet the 4 stresses and strains of everyday life.  This is quite different from views of the feminists who urged young women “to think of marriage as a mating with a fruit fly and an elephant…  wish a great financial and physical deal for the men and a high risk activity for women…”


The objectives of R.E.A.L. Women of Canada encourage high principles and good living, based on the best traditions of the past.  It is pro-life and it will fight for women’s rights.  Motherhood is enhanced, and it places equal value on women who stay in the home, nurturing their children, as on those who work at the marketplace.  REAL has put into words what millions of Canadians of both genders believe in their hearts.  I salute the R.E.A.L. Women of Canada, the real women of Canada.

Some Hon. Members: Hear hear!