Semantically speaking, we are living in an age of “Euphemism,” smoothing the rough edges of distasteful facts. For instance, there are no old people these days, there are only “Senior Citizens.” We don’t die anymore, we just “pass on.”


Murder is defined as the “unlawful and premeditated killing of one human being by another.” But murder is often dressed in euphemistic titles, which make it sound less heinous than it really is. One of these is the medical title “Hysterotomy.”

What is hysterotomy?

The word “hysterotomy” is derived from two Greek words, “hystera” meaning “uterus” and “tomia” which means “incision.” So, etymologically speaking, a Caesarean Section is a Hysterotomy, but, medically and morally speaking, there is a world of difference between the two. The difference is that between life and death.

The implications

Implied in the term “Caesarean Section” is the clear understanding that both mother and baby are to be saved. But when the term “hyserotomy” is applied to what is almost identically procedure, the implication is that the mother is to live. The baby is to die.

Human sensibility

For a person who is fully pro-life, all abortions are equally wrong in principle because an innocent human being is done to death. Civilized people would consider all murders, no matter how committed, to be equally wrong in principle. But, from the point of view of human sensibility, there is a difference between killing a person by a painless lethal injection while they are asleep and bashing their head in or flaying them alive.

Different abortion procedures

There are several abortion procedures, all of which are horrible. From the point of view of human sensibility, I think, Hysterotomy is the most shocking and inhuman. I shall give my reasons as concisely as possible. Hysterotomy is used only when a baby has passed the fourteenth week of gestation. The reason is that, after the fourteenth week, the bones are more firm and rigid and other methods would be dangerous and more traumatic for the mother.

Get ready

Now get ready for the horrendous aspect of Hysterotomy. The fact that an abortion is put under the heading of Hysterotomy means that the baby was removed, whole and entire and alive from the mother’s womb! Here is a quote from a book entitled, Rites of life, coauthored by Landrum Shettles, MD, and David Rorvik:

Hysterotomy is nothing other than Caesarean Section. We call it “hysterotomy” when we want to kill the child, “Caesarean” if we want to save it. In either case a live baby is likely to emerge. If it is to die, then it must die of neglect.

All of these babies move, breathe, and some even cry. One will live a few minutes, others a few hours; the more advanced ones can survive for day. If the baby has reached twenty-two weeks gestation, it could survive if cared for. After twenty-six weeks, survival – in cases of Caesarean Section – is commonplace. At thirty-six weeks, chances of survival are 100%.

Starved to death

But when the procedure is classed “Hysterotomy,” the baby is simply left to die of neglect. You might ask, “But does this really happen in Canada?” The answer is, “YES”. Here are the proofs.

According to Statistics Canada, in the years 1980  ’81 and ’82, 129 Hysterotomies were performed in Ontario. Of these 64 were performed in Toronto hospitals, and Sunnybrook Hospital alone accounted for 20. Is this murder? If you find a nice euphemistic term for it, let me know, because I can’t. In my opinion, not only is it murder but, in the words of Shakespeare, it is “Murder most foul.”