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My thoughts on abortion

Abortion is an important issue in society. It is being widely discussed and in this essay I will present my views.

First of all, when I look at abortion, a strange thought occurs to me. Why do people consider babies non-human? Or, is it, a baby is a “blob” if the mother is getting an abortion but it is called “the baby” if she is not. It has been proven that the child in the womb can feel pain, has thumb and fingerprints, can move its feet, wiggle its toes, and responds to pain like any other human being would, thrashing about, grimacing and its heart beat accelerates. Note how I wrote, human being. Even the pro-abortion anthropologist, Ashley Montagu admits “life begins, not at birth but at conception.” Abortionists have tried to make it sound like the fetus is not human (they did this by declaring the unborn child a non-person).  This has been tried before. First the Indian had his land taken away from him and was declared a non-person. Then the Negro was not considered a person and he was put into slavery.

Person is strictly a legal term, not a scientific one. People are beginning to lose sight of the fact babies are human. Just because pro-abortionists use euphemisms such as “termination of pregnancy,” “blob,” “mass of tissue” and “product of conception,”  people think abortion is not so bad. These euphemisms are just a way of making abortion sound nicer so the abortionist and the woman getting the abortion don’t have to face the fact that they are the ones that are responsible for the death of a totally innocent human being. The reality of abortion is that it is murder.

Secondly, some abortionists think that since laws against abortion have always been disregarded by some women, they should be removed. On this premise, car theft should be legalized. Why? Because in the United States a vehicle is stolen every 32 seconds. Since one million cars will be stolen this year, and every year, car theft should legalized. Does this sound logical? No more logical than the idea of abortion being legalized. Just because laws are broken, is that justification for eliminating them? I say no!

Thirdly, abortion is letting our moral standards drop severely. The fact that abortion has been legalized can easily lead to other wrongs such as child abuse, euthanasia, and mercy killing. People are beginning to forget the sacredness of human life.

Fourthly, some people think that rape is an excuse for abortion. In the case of rape, a few things should be taken into consideration. Pregnancy resulting from criminal rape is extremely rare. F.D. Mecklenburg, M.D. said, “A major factor which makes the incidence of pregnancy from forcible rape almost non-existent is that medical research indicates that women subjected to emotional trauma will not ovulate, even if under normal circumstances they would do so.”

Another factor that makes pregnancy resulting from rape rare is that pregnancies that could possibly occur from forcible rape can be prevented with immediate medical treatment given in the intervening hours between the rape and the union of egg and sperm. If, however, pregnancy does occur, it is not the baby’s fault that its mother was raped.

In her biography, His Eye is on the sparrow, Gospel singer Ethel Waters revealed that she was conceived following the rape of her then 13-year old mother. So, even if the mother is raped, abortion is inexcusable. One violent act does not justify another.

Now I would like to talk about something very important. What about the situation of the mother’s life being in danger if the baby is not aborted. First of all, Dr. Patrick Beirne said, “There is virtually no situation today where you must abort or the mother will die. So therefore I believe that there is not much need for worry. If however, the situation does present itself, then I believe, and this is the only time, abortion is acceptable.

In conclusion I would like to talk about an argument I once got into. The person I was arguing with said, “Who cares what you think? It’s none of your business. It’s a woman’s business what she does with her body!” It is a woman’s business. And yours. And mine. It’s everybody’s business! It’s a woman’s business what she does with her body, but her baby is everybody’s business. The reason I think it’s my business is because if it wasn’t for the fact I have a good father, I’d be dead. When my mother became pregnant (with me), she had a terminal illness. Consequently I was delivered at 7 months. The doctors knew my mother was going to die, which she did the day after I was born. Then the doctor asked my dad if he “wanted” me. My father said “yes, of course.” The doctor justified his frightening question by saying that he had recently had the same situation and the father did not want the baby.

What kind of society is this that lets babies be murdered? How far have our moral standards dropped? I shudder when I think of the punishment God will give those murderers.

Thank you for reading my thoughts on abortion.

-David Baldock

(14 yrs.) Markham, Ont.