Katherine Malony

age – 8 years old

Thunder Bay, Ont.

Thunder Bay Christian School

I think it’s good to be for life. You need life. You were given it, so why not use it? You are alive aren’t you? Use your life. Do with it the right things to do with it. Will you?

You are alive even if you haven’t touched the face of the earth. When babies are in the mother they are very active. They will suck their toes, thumb and fingers. Sometimes the mother will have twins. By at least twelve weeks the baby is hiccupping, swallowing lots of water and sometimes or a little practice, breathing. And you aren’t just a bunch of cells, you are you! You are living, it’s just that you haven’t seen people, stores, food and other man-made things. Please think about it, it’s something well worth thinking about. I think it is wrong to kill this by having an abortion. You may be old, very sick or something, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live. Remember use life… It’s really hard to bear, but you should live until the right time. God will let you die when it’s time. You shouldn’t let other people decide if you can live or not! If you want to stay alive a little longer, do it! You can still enjoy a great many things. You can share those times with loved ones. Why not? Life is something very beautiful. Why waste those last few special moments? Why not use them? People have right, feelings. Tell them to other people… They will listen if they care. Do you care?

There are many, many handicapped. I have heard that long ago some people just wanted perfect children. If they had a deformed baby they would put them on a high mountain to die. Poor helpless babies left there to die! God gave you the child, and He picked a very special person to take care of it. He didn’t just give it to you to kill. In God’s law it says do not kill: Abortion is like killing. If people would just think they would understand. “As it’s just a bunch of cells,” they say. But it’s not true. We could fill the world with happy people. In the Bible it says to fill the earth with happy people. Everyone has his own special purpose. God gave them that purpose. Right from the beginning of a fertilized egg you were alive. Sometimes there is something wrong with the infant, but why should be spoil a perfectly good life? But do you care if you spoil that life?

What I think

When I grow up I’m not going to tell my children about all the terrible things that happen. I don’t think it’s very fair to give children worries in life. I think we should give them a chance to enjoy the beautiful things in life first. They don’t need to have worries first. I think the appropriate time to tell your children is at the age of ten or eleven. We can tell them what abortion is and what Pro-Life means. What did they say? What do you say?