Due to recent federal cutbacks, an organization dedicated to bringing abortion to all corners of the earth will have to operate on a much smaller budget.

On April 4, pro-family Canadians happily woke up to the news that the International Planned Parenthood Federation had lost its annual $8 million federal grant which it had used to promote abortion and contraception in Third World countries.

“It’s a very big trauma…for many years I’ve been accustomed to very warm support from Canada,” said a deflated Halfdan Mahler, executive director of IPPF.

“When you’ve all of a sudden been defunded, you feel it’s a repudiation of everything we’ve stood for – that Canada has decided it’s not something they want to support any more,” she continued.

The annual grant, which was administered through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), made up one-tenth of IPPF’s budget.

Not only known for promoting abortion and contraception in poorer countries, IPPF also spent millions setting up mock education agencies in countries such as Portugal and Latin America, undermining the traditional Catholic structures.

However, the group is most notorious for aiding China in planning and enforcing its draconian forced abortion/sterilization policy on women who have had over one child.

“Even feminists could not agree with the policy and this more than anything else probably led to it losing funding,” said Gwen Landolt, vice-president of RealWomen Canada.

CIDA which oversees distribution of monies towards abortion and contraception promoting organizations claims that they received $44.7 million in 1994 towards this end.  However, Landolt estimates that the figure is closer to $1 billion and that the $8 million will just be redistributed to feminist groups which work in close alliance with the United Nations.

“They’ve become part of the UN machinery,” she said.  “They’re trying to use this machinery to promote their failed world-wide feminist revolution.”