Joe Borowski, Canada’s foremost pro-life activist, was in Toronto in November to attend the Annual Campaign Life meeting.  After the weekend meeting, Mr. Borowski went down to the Morgentaler abortuary on Monday, November 25, and spoke to the picketers on the front steps of the illegal abortion clinic.  (He was later arrested at the rear for “trespassing.”)

In his statement to the picketers he suggested that half of the picket line move to the Premier’s office because “We can blame Morgentaler all we like.  The fact is that he is breaking the law, he admits…The police are not raiding this place (as they did in Winnipeg) because they have explicit instructions from the Attorney General of this province not to do it.  So, I say that the real enemy is the Premier and the Attorney General.  If they were doing their job you wouldn’t have to worry about Morgentaler…”

More arrests

Immediately after Joe Borowski was arrested for trespassing at the Toronto Morgentaler abortion clinic on November 25, five other protesters sat down on the abortuary steps and refused to move.  Four of them were arrested too.  They included:  Clara Marmello; George Orsini; Annette McLaughlin; Joanne Dieleman.