A recent survey, conducted for the Australian Doctor, showed that a number of doctors in New South Wales openly admit that they have performed abortions because the pre-born baby was “the wrong sex.”  Margaret Tighe, Chairman of Right to Life Australia, called on the New South Wales Premier to seek prosecution of the doctors concerned. She stated: “Abortions are supposed to be legal only if carried out to prevent serious damage to the physical or mental health of the mother.  Whilst we know that in practice this means open slaughter on the unborn, we now have clear evidence of sex-discrimination abortions – hardly within the ambit of the law.”

This type of selective killing is not confined to Australia, and, indeed, it is common knowledge that it is rampant in India and China.  It is also found in North America.

When the Canadian Physicians for Life met in Charlottetown last August, one of the speakers, Dr. Malcolm Beck said: “The question now facing parents and their doctors is not, ‘should we have a child?’ but rather, ‘what kind of child should we have?’  He was concerned about a recent study at a small state university in Pennsylvania which showed that amniocentesis and selective abortion are acceptable methods of sex selection for large numbers of North American college students.

Dr. Beck also said in discussing the feticide of the handicapped as well as wrong-sex babies: “The ethical issues raised by selective feticide do not deal with the emotional pathos of an unplanned pregnancy, nor with the highly personal matter of freedom of choice in regard to one’s own body.  They involve us in the deliberate, methodical and coldly technological seeking out for their sure destruction, those whom we think may be, in some way, even by being a baby girl when a boy is preferred, unfit in mind or body.”

Margaret Tighe said that medical technology is now out of hand, and certainly scientists have opened Pandora’s box of evils.