Interim Staff:

A Canadian record of at least 315 communities took part in the 2023 Life Chain on Oct. 1. Every province and the Yukon had communities take part in the peaceful protest for one hour witnessing to the injustice of abortion.

The majority of provinces had at least one new Life Chain this year and the number of Life Chains in Quebec nearly quadrupled compared to last year from three to 11 locations.

Josie Luetke, Campaign Life Coalition director of education and advocacy, who organizes Life Chain on behalf of the organization, said zone captains and local organizers reported that there were more positive responses than negative ones.

Please Let Me Live began Life Chain in California in 1987 and CLC brought the witness to Canada in 1990. Campaign Life Coalition says in the November CLC National News “simple one-hour witness of public prayer” provides “a powerful, unifying experience for the entire pro-life movement in North America, and its reach into small and big towns alike is unmatched.”

“We know that the pursuit of justice is never easy, and rarely swift, but our presence and prayers ensure that fewer Canadians are left ignorant or indifferent when it comes to abortion,” said Luetke.

Luetke reported that an abortion-minded teenager in British Columbia “had a productive conversation with the local organizer” which may have changed her mind about killing her baby.

CLC is looking for new zone captains and local organizers for communities for next year. The 2024 Life Chain will be held Oct. 6.