The Houston convention of the Republican Party in August gave notice to the American people, however imperfectly, that family values should be treasured and that the pro-abortion pro-homosexuality anti-family syndrome is to be countered.

Credit for this achievement must go to Republican presidential contender Pat Buchanan and U.S. Vice-President Dan Quayle. They outflanked the opposition of anti-lifers within the Republican ranks. They got the message across on national television. As a result of 30 years of corrupting the law, the country finds itself in a cultural-religious crisis.

Like the media people in the U.S., many Canadian journalists, columnists and editors ridiculed Buchanan and, especially, Quayle for months on end. What, pray tell, are “family values,” they asked sarcastically. How intolerant and uncouth of these “fundamentalists” to oppose “gays” and “pro-choicers”! It’s negative campaigning! It endangers the country! It’s an outrage! It is discrimination!

No word is used more inaccurately today than the term discrimination.

Under the guise of non-discrimination, homosexual activists demand equality, legality and acceptance in practice and in law for sodomy and its related activities. They have succeeded beyond all expectation.

In Toronto a municipal by-law threatened to evict the Salvation Army from city squares
and parks because it refuses to accept homosexuals into its ranks. City councilors recently
relented, but only by making an exception for the Sally Ann (mostly out of fear of a
public backlash). But the by-law remains.

In the same city this summer, the Public School Board gave the green light for a course
legitimizing homosexual activity. Logically enough, one week alter it acted even more
outrageously by giving homosexuals permission to recruit students in the schools.

Also this summer, three Ontario Court of Appeal judges took it upon themselves to
extend the no-discrimination interpretation for homosexuals to the Canadian Human
Rights Act. Just as other judges have done in dozens of rulings against pro-lifers
protesting abortion mills, these judges prefer opinion polls to the natural moral law. They
are more interested in legitimizing homosexual behavior than in securing basic civil
rights. These arrogant men trample down the law of God while vociferously proclaiming
that they are upholding “the law.”

The July 1992 letter from Rome comes none too early. (See page 11) In Some
considerations concerning the response to legislative proposals on the non-discrimination
of homosexual persons, the Catholic Church reiterates society’s duty to respect and
protect the family. One may not extend legislative and judicial equality to a moral
disorder. For years, The Interim has been saying about both homosexuality and abortion:
corrupt the law and eventually you’ll corrupt society.

Similar to the U.S., Canada has been rotting from within for the past 25 years and no part
more so than the law and the judiciary. It’s indeed been an assault upon the soul of the
nation, far worse than an economic recession will ever be.

As in the States, pro-life Canadians in every political party must grit their teeth and take
up the battle for the family, for the legal protection of the unborn, the elderly, the
handicapped, and for the re-establishment of natural moral law absolutes.