Campaign Life Coalition does not, in spite of a report on The National, on Tuesday, November 27, support Bill C-43.

Following the announcement by Ontario Health Minister Evelyn Gigantes, that the NDP Government would make abortion more accessible CLC National Vice President Margaret Purcell was asked by several reporters for a comment.

In her response Mrs. Purcell condemned the government’s intention to spend millions helping women to kill their babies and raised the issue of funding for mothers who allowed their babies to be carried to term.

She went on to say that while CLC would like to see Bill C-43 dead and buried, it also called for legislation which would protect all human life, with no exceptions, from conception to a natural death.

Addressing provincial legislation, Mrs. Purcell said that not only should funding for killing centers cease, but the centers should be closed, stating, “If the legislation we want is forthcoming, there will be no killing centers because there will be no abortions.”

This did not stop the CBC from flashing her face on the screen while a commentator said that CLC liked Bill C-43.

CLC has consistently condemned Bill C-43, which will not prevent one single abortion.  Its position remains unchanged.  It will never accept a law which allows the killing of even one human being.