Manitoba keeps Morgentaler closed

The Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench has ruled that the injunction forbidding Henry Morgentaler to practice medicine in the province should be continued for the time being.  The injunction, brought by the Manitoba College of Physicians and Surgeons, is to remain in effect until the College’s civil suit, seeking a permanent injunction, is heard.

“The evidence is overwhelming,” Mr. Justice James Wilson said in a 30-page judgment, “that, unless restrained in positive terms by an order of this court, Dr. Morgentaler will continue to frustrate the efforts of the College to observe the trust confided to it by the Medical Act.”

Morgentaler’s response to this judgment was to complain about the “prohibitive” cost of keeping the “clinic” open, at “$3.000 a month,” when it can only offer a referral service to his abortuaries in the U.S.

The Winnipeg abortuary was opened three years ago, but has been closed most of the time.  Three police raids and the College’s injunction have effectively prevented Morgentaler from conducting his business.  He is currently charged with seven abortion-related offences in Manitoba.  However, he has not yet come to trial as the province is waiting for the decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal before proceeding further.

Morgentaler has announced that he will appeal this latest decision against him.