It is time to say “enough is enough” with respect to “the worst type of cannibalism you can imagine” – the use of aborted fetal cell lines in vaccines.

That was the message brought by one of the world’s leading activists on the issue, who appeared at the annual meeting of the Dunnville Right to Life organization in Dunnville, Ont. on Sept. 18. Speaking on the topic of, “Vaccines From Abortion: The Hidden Truth,” Debra Vinnedge, executive director of the Children of God for Life organization, said humanity has become complacent with regard to these crimes over the past 30 years.

“The pharmaceutical industry has imported, exported, exploited and profited using hundreds of innocent aborted babies. And they continue to do so in the present … The pharmaceutical industry believes you accept it and don’t care, so why bother doing anything about it or changing? They don’t admit the fact that nobody really knows about this.”

From the pro-life point of view, the situation may look grim, but giving up is not an option, even though she considered doing so herself at times.

Despite the bleak picture, Vinnedge offered a catalogue of heartening successes that have been achieved since the issue of aborted fetal cell use in vaccines was taken up by Children of God for Life and others in the 1990s.

A Campaign for Ethical Vaccines, for example, has garnered some 630,000 signatures and has shaken up the Merck pharmaceutical company to the point that it has had to address the issue at its shareholder meetings. Children of God for Life has worked closely with Human Life International in this effort.

Hundreds of thousands of brochures advising people of which vaccines use aborted fetal cell lines have been distributed throughout the world and close monitoring continues as new vaccines come onto the market.

A pro-life physicians database has been established, so that patients working with certain physicians can be assured that products they are administering carry no aborted fetal cells. However, Vinnedge pointed out that the database needs a vast expansion in Canada.

A victory was achieved, following a concerted letter-writing campaign, in ensuring that the U.S. smallpox vaccine would be moral in nature and not use aborted fetal cells.

Merck has agreed to begin reoffering a moral measles and mumps vaccine beginning in 2011.

Canada saw a victory when Canadian Physicians for Life and Children of God for Life worked together to see a moral polio vaccine begin to be offered in this country.

Companies such as AVM Biotechnology and the Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute are poised to offer exclusively moral products, including a chicken pox vaccine for the world.

And efforts continue on a number of other fronts, including the seeking of protection for religious rights, a Fair Labelling and Informed Consent Act for those products that use aborted fetal cells, labelling for pro-life certified products and investigation into the possible link between the use of aborted fetal cells in vaccines and the striking rise in incidents of autism.

Vinnedge said the rise in autism rates exactly parallels the increase in the use of aborted fetal cells in vaccines. Although links between vaccines and autism have focused more on ingredients such as thimesoral/mercury and formaldehyde, she offered the anecdotal account of one doctor who has used no aborted fetal cells in vaccines he has administered and consequently has found no incidents of autism in any of his young patients.

The challenge is that the number of aborted fetal products continues to increase. More vaccines are in development than ever. There are more abortions for such purposes and more trafficking in fetal parts.

It all started with the earliest “vaccine martyrs,” those preborn babies carrying names such as WI-38, WI-26, MRC-5, IMR-90, IMR-91, ATK-293 and PERC-6, who were sacrificed on the altar of vaccine development in times when abortion was even illegal. Vinnedge noted more than 80 abortions were committed to produce the rubella vaccine alone.

“Such an abortion has to be prearranged. There must be someone there immediately to take the baby and preserve the cells, tissues and organs,” she said.

The evil sometimes carries its own backlash. The ATK-293 cell line, for example, has been found to produce cancer, while PERC-6, derived from the retinal tissue of an 18-week gestation baby, has produced cancer in mice given the vaccine produced from it.

Children of God for Life counsels concerned citizens to ask their doctors to supply ethical vaccines, support fair labelling and informed choice legislation on medical products and let pharmaceutical companies know how they feel. More information is available at Children of God for Life’s website:

“Sometimes it seems there’s nothing any of us can do to make a difference,” said Vinnedge. “But you can never have that final victory, that crown, without the cross.”