Interim Staff

A dispute over liability insurance closed the doors of Henry Morgentaler’s Edmonton abortuary for two weeks.

Upon noticing that the abortuary was not holding up its liability insurance obligations, Capital Health, the city’s regional health authority, attempted to bump up the facility’s liability requirement to $5 million, the same amount Capital Health requires Royal Alexandria Hospital, which also commits taxpayer-funded abortions, to carry. Morgentaler responded by temporarily closing his abortuary’s doors.

The two-year contract Capital Health had with Morgentaler’s facility required it to have liability insurance of $2 million, but during re-negotiation of the deal noticed the abortuary’s insurance had fallen to just $1 million.

As a matter of fairness, Capital Health imposed a $5 million liability, on par with the hospital’s liability. Morgentaler refused and suspended his operations. Morgentaler complained, “They are giving us funding and they think they have power over us.”

Campaign Life Coalition national president Jim Hughes said Morgentaler is seeking special privileges because health funding usually comes with strings attached.

But Morgentaler got the last laugh. After just two weeks of Morgentaler’s suspended operations, Capital Health capitulated, accepting the abortionist’s claims that he provides a safe service.

Morgentaler said there is no reason to increase the liability because abortion is safer than childbirth and that there has not been an abortion-related death in the past 34 years. Hughes sardonically responded that, “Women demand their money back. Isn’t delivering death the business he’s in?”

Capital Health spokesman Steve Buick announced on Nov. 5 that $2 million liability coverage would be adequate. Buick told the Edmonton Sun, “They told us they had found a carrier for the $2 million required in liability coverage. There was no reason to disrupt their operations after that.”