Dr. Henry Morgentaler wants a pubic apology from Pro-life Advocate Joe Borowski who alleged Morgentaler’s abortion clinics have been found unsanitary in the past.

Valdyn Duke, Morgentaler’s Winnipeg lawyer, said in an interview yesterday (Feb. 9) that she will send a letter to Borowski asking for a retraction of the statements made at a pubic debate between the two men at the University of Manitoba Jan. 11.

Borowski laughed at the request.

During the debate, Borowski said unsanitary conditions led to Morgentaler’s suspension from practice in 1976 by the disciplinary committee of the Professional Corporation of Physicians of Quebec, which he likened to Manitoba’s College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Morgentaler was suspended by the committee in 1976, after the Quebec Court of Appeal, overturning a jury decision, convicted him of performing illegal abortions.

Asked where he got the information alleging unsanitary conditions, Borowski said he was quoting from reports “compiled by the Right to Life Association of Toronto and area.”

I’m depending on pro-life people who put the material out – they’ve done the research,” he said.

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s as good as the gospel. If it wasn’t, they’d be in court.”