On November 20, Toronto Judge Samuel Darragh imposed a $50 fine on Tom Brown, 48; his wife Barbara, 43; Annette McLoughlin, 24; Stephen Jalsevac, 38; and Antonio Canhoto, 45. He called the act of entering the clinic in order to make a citizen’s arrest a “charade”, on the grounds that none of the accused saw anyone performing an abortion. On the same date Carl Scharfe, managing editor of The Interim, had his trespass charge dismissed for lack of evidence.

On November 26, Joe Borowski and five other pro-life demonstrators were charged with trespassing after a sit-in protest on the steps of the rear of the Morgentaler Toronto abortuary. Mr. Borowski spoke at some length to 25 picketers on how to close “this embassy of death”, suggesting that some should move o the Premier’s office. Morgentaler, he said, it just half the culprit… “Your real villain is the Premier and the Attorney-General”. (For related story, see elsewhere in this issue).

Henry Morgentaler continues to receive press support. The September 1, 1985 issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal printed an interview of Morgentaler by Rick Hengel, a second year medical student at the University of Alberta. The article rehashes the standard Morgentaler line and will also appear in the University’s Survival Manual. The November 15 issue of the CMAJ saw two letters to the editor, one by Dr. Carmelo Scime of Hamilton and one by Dr. James Cameron of Vancouver, objecting to the Morgentaler contentions.

Macleans Magazine of October 14, 1985 devoted a full page to the history of Henry Morgentaler after the October 1 ruling of the Ontario Court of Appeal. On December 2 Macleans provided a two-page close-up of Morgentaler supporter Ian Scott, “the new Liberal lawman,” noting that “his reputation as a left-winger was further enhanced” by his stand on the Morgentaler abortion clinic.

The Hamilton Spectator of November 26 also provided a historical sketch, taking a page and a half to do it. One learns that Morgentaler loves children and that he is in the process of being divorced from his second wife. His favorite vacation spot is the Club Med in the Caribbean. In answer to a phone-in-poll: “Should abortion clinics be legal?” 1,080 (28 percent) said “Yes” and 2,799 (82 percent) said “No.”