It was with a great deal of anger that I read recently where Beth lacey has urged women to speak up about the tighter controls that have been placed upon abortion provided at the Health Sciences Centre. Ms. Lacey, I suspect she wants to be called Ms., I understand, is the Women’s centre co-ordinator and uses the Status of Women Council’s newsletter for this urging.

I have always wondered just what women are represented by the Newfoundland Status of Women Council. When I see an official of that organization urging Newfoundland women to voice support for more abortions. I feel it’s time that somebody ask the Status of Women council for whom they are speaking.

I know they don’t speak for me. I know they don’t speak for any of my five sisters or my two sister-in-law. I know they don’t speak for my two daughters, my mother, my mother-in-law, my aunts or any other women I can think of.

I suggest they don’t speak for members of the Catholic Women’s League, the wives of the members of the Knights of Columbus or Salvation Army officers or Pentecostal ladies or in fact the overwhelming majority of females who live within our province.

The Newfoundland Status of Women Council may, just may, be speaking for a very, very small group of females who attempt to exert an awful lost more influence than their numbers dictate. And I know when it comes to abortion, its pro-sentiments represent a small percentage of the women who live in our province.

To me, and a great many like me, abortion is murder of the worst kind. It’s the deliberate killing of a human being who cannot even speak up to protest the taking of its life. Let me repeat myself. Abortion is the most hideous crime the human race has ever perpetrated upon itself.

I have never been able to understand how anybody can urge the killing, the deliberate killing, of an unborn human being. I’m fed up to the teeth with mealy-mouthed individuals, sporting a holier-than-thou attitude, spouting out platitudes about a woman having control of her own body and using this statement as a logical excuse to deprive a tiny, defenceless human being of its right to life.

The lady Lacy, I understand, wants the women of Newfoundland to urge the Health Science Center to liberalize its abortion guidelines. This is one Newfoundland woman who urgest the Health Sciences Centre to make its abortion guidelines much stricter than they are now and also feels that the sooner abortions are abolished the better it will be for mankind in general.

Abortion is a great example of the “easy way out” syndrome that has caused a great many of the problems facing the human race today.

Reprinted from The Daily News,

Saturday, May 26, 1984