In spite of the best efforts of the social engineers, Canada’s A-generation of children, born in the era of legalized abortion, is not turning out as officially expected.

Artificial contraception, abortion and other trappings of the “sexual revolution” have seriously undermined the traditional family and destroyed the major source of unconditional love and acceptance necessary for healthy development.

Thrust unprepared and defenceless into a world more dangerous tan anything their parents knew, the children of the A-generation have grown up in a world of betrayed expectations virulently hostile to children.  Seeking clear answers: they were met with ambivalence and deceit;, robbed of their childhood: they were thrown into an environment that expected them to cope with adult real-world problems.

They have learned to be cynical about the “just” Canadian society ruled by those who preach lofty social standards, the protection of the weak and innocent, but practice the politics of social regimentation, economic decline and cultural disintegration.

Where past generations of Canadians focused on the future, planned for it and invested to create even more opportunity for future generations, priorities have shifted.  Society has turned inward, thousands of families have been impoverished , schools have deteriorated, and massive disinvestment has occurred to finance a child-hostile national overconsumption.

The child’s world, which was endlessly sunny in the 1950’s  has become a wasteland in the 1990s.  confidence in the future and high rates of academic achievement have been replaced by a grinding pessimism, drug abuse, meaningless sex, unemployment, high rates of social pathology and violence, and low rates of achievement.

For many members of the A-generation, their parents, and taxpayers who will be forced to pay for the higher social costs, the future is not promising.  Census figures show that 630,000 Canadians in the 15-24 age group have not finished high school, nor are they attending school full time.  Almost 40 per cent of school drop outs were 16 years old or younger when they quit and 32 per cent are functionally illiterate.

Quick fixes, meaningless promises, and Royal Commissions will not help repair the childhood world.

Questioned on moral issues such as abortion, a politician will answer, “Personaly I am against abortion but I cannot impose my values on others.”  For the business leader, good is defined as the ability to manipulate the systems of control in society and impose his own personal moral agenda on society.

The greatest good is that which most affects the overall society, even at the expense of its most vulnerable and innocent members, such as the unborn, who initially depend on the state for protection but later become independent, productive memvers of society.  The leader is unpremeditated when he does good or evil.  On a bad day he is the perfect mass murderer, on a good day, the perfect unintentioned saint.  Thus he sees no contradiction in saving the life of a premature baby in the emergency room, while aborting another down the hall.

In Quebec, the Minister of Education, Jean Garon, former Minister of Agriculture in the Parti Quebecois government of Rene Lesvesque, has called the Estates General to study the educational system in the province.  In spite of a reputation for sound management, which previously included overseeing the Quebec pig industry, Monsieur le Ministre, may prove more successful in protecting pigs than in ensuring the breadth and depth of the quality of education provided to young Quebecers.  It is unlikely that the party, that opened the door to the most liberal abortion practices in the country, will risk an examination of the fundamental spiritual and moral issues prerequisite to a well-rounded education.

Quebecers can expect a report like the one recently published by the Royal Commission on Learning in Ontario, which essentially recommends that Ontario children be force fed, if necessary, more of the hair of the dog that bit them.  In addition to the platitudes about children and the future of society, which are de rigeuer in this type of bureaucratic exercise, the report calls for more opportunities to waste money and create political patronage.  Various quick fixes are suggested including, more computers in the schools, and more money for increased professionalism.

For ideological reasons, the report ignored any discussion of the impact of the spiritual aspect of human existence on the education process.  This fundamental aspect of the education experience cannot be discussed openly because it conflicts with the culture and social agenda of the ruling intellectual elite.

The main underlying thrust of the report calls for what amounts to the nationalization of the family.  An alliance between the schools and the community would be established to share the overall responsibility for raising children and seeing their best development.  As usual the assembly of nerds, experts, consultants, university professors, confidence men, real estate speculators, lawyers, and assorted other grunts, parasites and mooches, forget that such an alliance already exists.  It’s called the family, and it doesn’t cost billions of dollars to put in place.

As the parents of the abortion generation drift into old age, the spectre of euthanasia looms.  Many pro-abortionists will demand protection and a return to the public generosity they were unwilling to grant the unborn.  Many will perish for want of a benefactor who was aborted many years before.