CHICAGO – The National Organization for Women, a powerful pro-abortion feminist group in the United States, is claiming success in its attempts to cripple the pro-life movement by engaging its leaders in costly lawsuits.

After years of costly litigation, Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry agreed not to block the entrances of abortion clinics. Under the settlement, Terry is prohibited from participating in certain forms of demonstration against abortion. Any violation would make Terry liable for a $15,000 penalty, and would allow NOW to reinstate its lawsuit against him.

NOW and two abortion clinics filed a lawsuit in 1986 after a clinic was allegedly ransacked by anti-abortion demonstrators in Florida. The case was initially brought against Joseph Scheidler of Chicago, his Pro-Life Action League and other pro-life activists under federal anti-trust laws.

Two years later, the case was expanded to include Randall Terry and Operation Rescue.

The settlement covers only Terry, not Operation Rescue. The case against the other defendants, principally Scheidler, is scheduled to go to trial March 2. Similar cases, which have yet to be settled, were brought forward against pro-lifers in Canada by abortionist Henry Morgentaler and the Ontario government under former NDP Premier Bob Rae.

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— via LifeSite News Service