In the effort to fulfil its agenda of making abortion more accessible to women, Ontario’s NDP government has instituted Heath Travel Grants for Northern Ontario Residents.  The Ministry’s brochure explains that a “ministry-approved health centre” means, among other things, “facilities providing abortions.”

Patients who live more than 63 miles from a referral within Northern Ontario or Manitoba or 126 miles to “other parts of Ontario” are eligible.  The amounts may vary depending on distance traveled, and range from $70.00 to $520.00.

The section titled “How to apply” lists several procedures the applicant must follow to receive his/her cheque.  The most notable exception is point number three which we will le speak for itself.
“Travel grants will be available to assist women in northern communities seeking abortions at freestanding clinics.  In this situation only, referral by a northern practitioner will not be required for the processing of a travel grant application.”

Vital Signs, the publication of the Canadian Physicians for Life, adds: “One wonders for which medical procedures patients will be making their own referrals!”

On November 20, 1991, Attorney-General Howard Hampton announced that Ontario will spend $1 million to open 10 centres for divorced parents who have to be supervised when visiting their children.  It is a two-year pilot project.

On December 2, 1991, Social Services Minister Marion Boyd announced an additional $75 million grant over five years to non-profit daycare centres.  Private day-care centres will receive nothing.

Boyd told more than 100 private operators that the government favours non-profit child care.  It hopes to put the private centres out of business.

Judy Preston, head of the association of daycare operators, said this discrimination will kill many of Ontario’s 645 private centres.

“They’re a socialistic government and they want to socialize everything,” she commented.

Of the $75 million, $30 million will go to raise the salaries of workers in government controlled facilities.