Fetal tissue Deal

A research clinic in Santa Barbara, California has signed a deal to obtain fetal tissue from Russia. Though the ban on fetal tissue experimentation has been lifted, researchers note that it will take 3 or 4 years before there is a tissue-bank to draw from in the U.S. This deal will obviously be a big money-maker for both sides. The Sansum Clinic, which is purchasing the fetal tissue, will be able to get the jump on other clinics and sell their tissue, most likely from aborted babies, before others are in a position to do so. Likewise, the Russian firm stands to make a bundle from Sansum. The Clinton administration can be thanked for making all this possible – they lifted the ban on fetal tissue experimentation.

Courting Disaster

A Louisiana State court has prohibited a local educational authority from providing a course in sexual abstinence to high-school students. The judge in the case ruled that such a course would constitute a religious activity and therefore could not be allowed in State schools under the U.S. Constitution. Planned Parenthood, led the opposition. Good thinking on their part – more programmes like this one might render Planned Parenthood obsolete.

Abortion training down

According to an official at the University of California, San Fransisco, U.S. medical schools are training fewer abortionists. One report shows that the number of residency  schools which offered abortion training as part of their normal courses had declined from 23% in 1985 to 12% in 1992. Another report mentions that 83% of all counties in the U.S. have no abortion providers and that a growing number of first-year residency students have never performed an abortion. The fact of the matter is that, despite these reports, there is absolutely no evidence to show that the abortion rate is declining or that anyone has been denied access to abortion. Pro-abortion groups will likely petition Hillary Clinton’s health task force with these bogus statistics and force her to “correct” the situation. We await Hillary’s response with bated breath.

Bishops want to meet Rae

The Ontario Catholic Bishops want to personally meet and ask Ontario Premier Bob Rae not to proceed with the recommendations contained in his government’s special task force on abortion services. In an open letter to the embattled premier, the bishops decried the report which calls for an end to the picketing of abortion clinics and abortionists’ homes  requires all doctors, regardless of their views, to perform abortions. The letter stated that the recommendations would be a “precedent of ominous proportions” and cause a “profound moral dilemma for Ontario taxpayers who cannot, in conscience, permit their tax dollars to be used to facilitate the destruction o human life.” Bravo!