Planned Parenthood has been criticized for backing the #BlackLivesMatter campaign even though it disproportionately targets its abortion services towards the black community. “We are joining #Ferguson organizers and protesters in DC today – standing in solidarity with you! #HandsUpWalkOut #BlackLivesMatter,” said the organization with its PP Black Community Twitter account on Dec. 1 as part of a Twitter protest against the decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown, a black suspect in the Missouri community of Ferguson.

Trystin Bloom, a writer for the Daily Caller, called it a “cruelly ironic tweet.” She mentioned that Margaret Sanger wrote about a strategy to “hire three or four colored ministers” to engage the black community with a “religious appeal,” as “we don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.” This was a letter that Sanger wrote to Clarence Gamble in 1939 about Planned Parenthood’s “Negro Project,” which sought to pay black ministers for promoting Planned Parenthood.

Bloom cites a 2008 study from the Guttmacher Institute that found non-Hispanic white women only accounted for 36 per cent of abortions, as well as a statistic from Protecting Black Life that 79 per cent of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are “within walking distance of African American or Hispanic/Latino neighborhoods.” Bloom also writes about Live Action’s undercover investigations that revealed that Planned Parenthood would accept donations from individuals who wanted the money to be used to kill black babies.

“Too bad they didn’t value the life of Tonya Reaves, a young black mother left to die by bleeding to death for 5.5 hours in one of their Chicago abortion mills (by a white abortionist, no less),” writes Ryan Bomberger, chief creative officer of the Radiance Foundation, for Town Hall, reacting to another tweet by Planned Parenthood stating, “today we reflect on #Ferguson, and the responsibility we all share to ensure safe communities for our youth and families. #BlackLivesMatter.” “Liberal feminists hate ‘patriarchy’ but apparently only get really upset when black males are killed,” writes Bomberger. “They’re not bothered at all by the black women who are killed in botched abortions.”

The numbers show that a disproportionate number of black babies are killed by abortion. New York City abortion statistics from 2009 showed that 59.8 per cent of black pregnancies were aborted, 50 per cent higher than New York City’s overall abortion rate of 41 per cent, which itself was almost two times the national average at the time.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control’s Abortion Surveillance Report found that almost 36 per cent of abortions in America from 2007 to 2010 were done on black children, although African Americans only comprised 12.8 per cent of the population. Even though the total abortion rate fell during that time, the abortion rate for African Americans rose by 3 per cent.