Local groups hope that victory will have domino-effect in other communities

Waterloo, Ont. Recent Waterloo budget cuts have left area pro-lifers ecstatic and Planned Parenthood out of pocket.

In a surprising move, Waterloo Regional Council, which represents surrounding cities, voted 13-12 against providing the country’s largest contraceptive/abortion promoting organization with its annual $32,250 grant.

When local pro-life groups discovered that the vote was to take place, they concentrated on lobbying the councilors.  They were able to convince their representatives that this funding was being used to simply promote abortion and contraception; no alternative viewpoints were ever addressed.

In the end, enough councilors agreed and voted against the 20-year-old funding package.  Since that grant made up one-fifth of its budget, Planned Parenthood will now have to go to the public to fill its coffers.  Executive Director Deanna Evans said the decision leaves Planned Parenthood “in a crisis.”

Kathy Morrison Lance, president of Kitchener-Waterloo Right to Life said this year her group “tried to show the community what isn’t working with Planned Parenthood” and how tax dollars are going to waste.

She was extremely pleased with the decision but warned her members not to get too excited.  Planned Parenthood has now applied to the province for direct funding and awaits a decision by the Health Minister’s office.  In the meantime, Morrison Lance has called on local  pro-lifers to support through letters or phone calls the councilors who voted against the funding.  Many of those who voted nay are receiving a rough ride from angry feminists and Planned Parenthood supporters.  One female councilor who voted against the funding was cornered in a supermarket and asked to explain her actions.

These people argue that the area will now be left without any sexual counseling.  However, Morrison Lance points to Birthright and Kitchener-Waterloo Right to Life which provide aid to pregnant mothers and chastity counseling without receiving any government money.