For quite a few years there has been in Poland a confrontation between the “civilization of life” and “civilization of death.”

The enemies of our nation and of the Catholic Church try to force erroneous theories and stereotypes about family and society into the hearts and minds of Poles.

The liberal and post-communist circles fight vigorously against pro-life and pro-family attitudes.  They try to frighten the nation into believing that too many births lead to economic difficulties, particularly in terms of shortages of money for schooling, health and the creation of new employment.

In this way, pro-contraception supporters try to mask their inability to run our country.  They also try to cover their ties with the richest of this world, who recommend an anti-birth strategy and the civilization of death.

“Marek Czechowski in his book Nowy Imperiallizm (New Imperialism) presents 160 initiatives against life, which are financed through the American Agency for International Development.  The United Nations’ Population Foundation, as well as the Foundation for Family Planning (London, England) also support the anti-birth policies in our country. Also our progress towards greater democracy may be misused into promoting contraception, abortion and sterilization.

Polish health minister Jacek Zochowski has agreed to accept contraceptives worth $200,000 U.S. as a gift from UN Population Foundation. The use of contraceptives is partially subsidized by the Polish government.

Remember that in the 1970’s, the U.S. Senate said the UN Population was involved in crimes against humanity due to the financing and promoting of abortion chemicals and abortion programs.

It is obvious that Poland is being subjected to the anti-birth program, which consequently will be leading to depopulation and fast-aging society in our country. A proposed law before the Polish Parliament would allow much wider access to abortion.

The demographic data shows that the natural growth rate.

In 1995, there were 443,000 births and 380,000 deaths – is there any sense in promoting anti-birth policies, especially based on the widened abortion policy? Indeed, there should be pro-family programs.

Is it any wonder then that those promoting the culture of death have launched a renewed attack on the Catholic Church. They are attempting to undermine any institution which would dare uphold the value of human life and human families.

The emerging anti-life mentality in Poland has led to an attempt by the left-wing dominated parliament to pass new laws allowing abortion on demand. In a country which recently boasted one of the lowest abortion rates in Europe, the push for more abortions is particularly troubling.

The situation has drawn criticism from Polish primate Cardinal Jozef Glemp, who said those promoting the new anti-life mentality are not worthy to receive Church sacraments. In an overwhelmingly Catholic country, such a pronouncement is bound to have a greater impact.

Meanwhile, Pope John Paul II recently spoke out against the rising tide of abortion in his native country. The pontiff expressed alarm at the situation and offered hopes that a pro-life attitude would prevail among Poland’s lawmakers and opinion leaders.

Pro-life supporters in eastern Europe are especially concerned about these latest developments. Not long ago, Poland celebrated one of the lowest abortion rates in the world.

In 1994, there were fewer than 1,000 abortions performed in the country. This was an incredible figure when compared to the 123,534 abortions performed in Poland in 1987.

Canada has an annual abortion rate is near the 100,000 level.