I returned back from Ireland less than a week ago. I knew a column for The Interim was due, but could not think of any particular subject. I was both mentally and physically exhausted. Then, I received my daily dispatch from LifeSiteNews.com, in which there was a very important article entitled, “A plea for prayer for Colombia,” written by Dan Zeidler, who is a representative of the Latin American Alliance for the Family. For those who don’t receive LifeSite, I thought it would be worthwhile to give a summary of Zeidler’s article, which is an earnest plea for prayer to prevent what would be a tragedy for Colombia.

Zeidler explains that for three decades, Colombia has been attacked by well-financed, internationally backed pro-abortion proponents. With the grace of God, the Colombians have managed to defeat these efforts to change their laws, which protect human life and do not allow direct abortion. Mother and child are protected by law, praise be to God.

Unfortunately, a certain “pro-abortion element” has developed and worked its way into positions in government, academia and the media, and now the pro-abortionists believe they have found a way to finally do major damage to the country’s legislation, which is protective of the unborn. Unable, so far, to sway Colombia’s Congress or the vast majority of Colombians through legislative means, they have now taken their case to the Colombian Constitutional Court, where they feel they have enough supportive judges to declare existing pro-life protections unconstitutional.

Zeidler reminds us that Pope John Paul II called Latin America “the continent of hope.” We must beg God to save Latin America from the clutches of the abortionists, whose “solution is one of despair, not of hope.”

I suggest that we offer our prayers, sacrifices and Masses that Colombia may be saved from the tragedy of abortion.