Paul Tuns
The Interim

As Paul Martin’s Liberals are pilloried over Adscam, and Ottawa is redolent with rumours of a spring election, social conservatives are working hard at the local level to support candidates who are willing to publicly defend life and marriage.

Pro-life and pro-family organizations are mobilizing across the nation, riding by riding, to help like-minded candidates get elected as party nominees. They’re also exposing the pro-abortion positions of sitting MPs who have consistently stood in the way of protecting the unborn and the anti-marriage positions of elected officials who have not stood up against the government’s plan to redefine marriage.

In April, Campaign Life Coalition began sending letters to supporters in key ridings, outlining the voting records of anti-life MPs and urging their defeat. Pro-family groups began campaigning behind the scenes in order to defeat MPs who have committed themselves to voting for Bill C-38.

CLC national organizer Mary Ellen Douglas told The Interim that her group is “working full out to help people win their nominations.”

Noting that sitting MPs are not going to be challenged, Douglas said CLC is “looking for pro-life candidates to run against pro-abortion sitting members,” regardless of party.

CLC has is reiterating its long-standing policy that pro-abortion MPs do not deserve the support of pro-life voters.

No election had been called before The Interim went to press. In the case that one is, check out the website for regular campaign updates and CLC’s voters’ guide.

As noted by Rob Beyer, director of operations for the Defend Marriage Coalition, a “bonus” of an early election is not only the possibility of electing more socially conservative MPs in all parties, but also defeating C-38, the government’s bill redefining marriage. The legislation will die on the House floor, if it is not passed before Parliament prorogues because of an election call.