Current sex education for teenagers and greater availability of birth control devices are producing an increase of unwanted pregnancies and abortions, the president of Cambridge Right to Life told Waterloo Region Council.  Rev. William McEwen, a Lutheran minister, accused Planned Parenthood of favouring abortion as an option and also of failing to provide them with an insight to the trauma and side effects of abortion.


In 1983 the 25 member council approved 13-12 to support a grant for P.P.  In 1984 it was by a 13-11 vote.  McEwen said ha believes much of the sex education currently being offered teenagers wrongly treats sex as simply a “joyful thing.”  He said birth control devices are wrongly made available with an underlying message that abortion is always available should they fail.


Following the meeting 13 regional councilors remained in the council chamber to view the film The Silent Scream.  Ten of the 13 councillors who watched the film opposed the grant in last year’s vote.