Practical help for women under pressure to have abortions is increasing as more and more pro-lifers realize this is a positive way to support their principles.  In Watford, Ontario, a small town of 1400, Bonnie and Geoff have helped to establish the Watford Home for unwed mothers.


Open since late last year, the Watford Home has already helped six unmarried women give life to their children, five are between 17 and 19 years of age, one is 36.  Two babies have been born so far: one mother has kept her baby and the other has been given up for adoption.  Two other babies are due to be born soon; one mother has decided to keep her child and the other baby will be put up for adoption.


The Watford Home is financed through donations from the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Ontario.  It has room for up to 12 women and is inter-denominational.  Two of the recent residents are Catholic, one is Baptist and two attend no particular church.


At the end of March, 40 students associated with the Navigators, a campus Christian Ministry, spent a day cleaning, painting and chopping wood for the home’s stove.  The group’s spokesman, Ross Rains, said their work was “a practical expression of their Christian commitment to social action.”


Watford Home can accommodate 10 to 12 expectant mothers.  The brochure says, “It is sad to think that a young woman might decide to abort her child because she didn’t know help was available to her.”