Rosary for Life Canada hosted its second annual world-wide Rosary for Life in London, Ontario, on October 12.

The event began with Mass for the protection of the unborn in Holy Rosary Church.  Afterwards, over one hundred participants formed a procession to Victoria Hospital to pray the Rosary for the conversion of abortionists and their supporters.

Other groups were praying the Rosary for the same intention throughout Canada and in other countries.  Paul Nicholson, the organizer for Canada, said that 26 groups in Canada added their prayers, along with an encouraging number of groups from Africa, India, and other Asian countries.

(In Toronto the group began with Mass at a downtown church and afterwards circled nearby aborting hospitals.  Editor)

The London-based group was dealt a serious blow two weeks earlier when its founder and spiritual leader, Father Frank Loebach was killed in a car accident.

“He was a tremendous inspiration to all of us,” said Mr. Nicholson.  “We are saddened by the death of such a devotee of the poorest of the poor – the preborn.  Father Loebach taught us to go out to the Calvary close to us – the abortion centre – and demonstrate our love for the preborn child.  He would say: ‘It may be the only love these children will receive on this earth.’”

Those interested in receiving more information should write to Rosary for Life, P.O. Box 4152, Station D. London, Ontario, N5W 5H6.