Many of you are probably wondering whatever became of the Leger poll on abortion funding in Canada – that is, why it received so little public attention in the media. It’s hardly a surprise, given that Big Abortion has representatives in what seems like every newsroom in the nation. But there is part of a national strategy that everyone should be aware of, so we can keep the “disinterest” in perspective. Silence is golden and convenient.

In a 1999 freedom of information request directed to the B.C. Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of British Columbia, an inter-departmental e-mail from either Barbara Hestrin or Penny Ballem, both abortuary operators, stated: “Under S.19: The release of particular information with regards to numbers of abortions performed at B.C. Women’s and the gestational ages of those abortions would further inflame the controversy and difficult climate associated with this topic.”

She goes on: “This controversy would be played out in the media, causing intense re-emergence of grief and suffering in the many families who have experienced pregnancy loss due to fetal abnormalities in the recent and distant past.”

In other words, the release of silly things such as abortion statistics would draw attention, even media attention, to – horror of horrors – abortion.

This elitist attitude should surprise no one. It is the attitude that now governs our media, and even our government.

“Social peace” on abortion has been attained, don’t you know.

In other words, a public relations nightmare always is a difficult problem for the abortion industry, hence the need to shut down the discussion before it even gets started.

Funny thing, though. Social peace on the environment, or even fish farming here in B.C., hasn’t been attained. Even though we’ve heard the same ongoing arguments year after year.

But we are told by those who know better (and by those who run abortuaries) that this social peace has been attained. So, no more debate. And that is the real reason you won’t see the new abortion poll on the front page of your local newspaper. But you know what, that’s okay. We do not need the media to get this story out. We need you.

Take the poll, and write a letter. Pro-choice won’t debate you on campus? Have an informational meeting, leaving an empty chair where your pro-choice champion refused to sit. Bring GAP to campus. Let them try to block you. It just draws more attention to your display.

While Abortion Inc. goes on its merry way proclaiming victory, the polls are revealing the true nature of the beast. The support for abortion on demand, both in practice and funding, is dropping like a lead balloon.

Support for late-term abortion is rising, only because of the eugenic practices of hospitals such as B.C. Children and Women’s in Vancouver and Foothills in Calgary.

We are winning. The tide is turning. As we implement some exciting new strategies in the coming months, watch for Abortion Inc. and the newspapers of “record” to go ballistic.

It warms my heart. The children of Canada will experience true social peace in the womb.