On March 1, 1984, about 60 students from the University of Toronto’s Campaign Against Abortion marched with signs and placards from the downtown Sr. George campus to the County Court Building on University Avenue, the site of the continuing Morgentaler pre-trial hearing.  A statement to the press was issued.

The statement began, “We have gathered here today, representing most of the colleges and faculties at the University of Toronto.  We have come to tell Toronto that we do not want pro-abortion politicians or abortion.”

The group condemned abortion laws which it called “the legalized destruction of human life,” as well as condemning Morgentaler’s “abortion chambers.”  The group was firm in its belief that, since Morgentaler has clearly broken the law, when he comes back here to trial, we insist that our judicial system upholds justice.”

The group implored Canadians “in the name of humanity, love and compassion” to help and defend Canadians who have been born and those yet in the womb.